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First Name linda
Last Name Jakobsson Kriventsova
Born 1983-02-16
Country Finland

Curriculum Vitae

I am 27 years old, living in Vasa, Finland with my adorable family. My husband Alexey is a highly educated sculptor and my two children are Lucia 2,5 years old and Novalilja 4 months. We also have 4 lovely cats!

Currently I am staying home with Novalilja but as I can´t imagine leaving studio for a year, I paint and draw at home and in the week-ends.

About one year ago I also started teaching in different evening courses. Currently I am teaching portrait painting in Vasa Arbis. I enjoy teaching and sharing everything I know about painting, as well as my tremendous love for it.

Painting is my great passion and I feel very fortunate to be able to do it as much as I want and to be able to make a living out of it. I want to specialize in painting children´s  portraits, but any portrait is a great and challenging honour to do and I love every moment of it. I also paint still life and other things by commission, as well as my own "intuitive" paintings.

Please don´t hesitate contacting me for any type of commission, exhibition or other project.

Name: Linda Jakobsson-Kriventsova
Born: February 16 1983, Vaasa, Finland

Marital status:  Married to Alexey Kriventsov 2007
        Daughter Lucia born 2008
        Daughter Novalilja born 2010
Languages spoken: Swedish, Finnish, English, French, Russian

Education: Abiturient Vaasa 2003
           2003-2004 Svenska folkakademin, fine art
           2004-2005 Nordic Art School
           2005-2008 Institute of fine arts, Lahti
           2009 jan-july State Academy of Art and Design St Petersburg Russia
           Participated in 2 weeks art course at State Academy of art and design in St             Petersburg 2007
           2009-2010 Trendy. Make-up artist

Exhibitions: 2003 Ain´t Art, Kappsäkki, Vaasa
             2004 Surrealistic reality, Bar Mary, Porvoo
                     2004 Harem, group exhibition Porvoon kaupungintalo
             2004 Catenatus, exhibition with J.Nygård, Kapsäkki, Vaasa
                     2005 Art Exhibition L&J, Kulttuuritalo, Vaasa
             2006 Sph(e)Res Exhibition with J.Nygård, taidepanimo, Lahti
                     2007 Sph(e)Res Exhibition with J.Nygård, Torni, Vaasa
             2008 Growth, individual exhibiton, Ant Gallery, Helsinki
              2008 Paletten Konst och Ram, Umeå
                      2008 Slovenia EU Exhibition( One participant from every EU country)
              2009 Moision Kartano Elimäki, Finland
        2010 Visual Melodies Galery Wasaborg
        2010 Visual Melodies Vuokon Galleria Kaskinen
        2010 Wasaborg

Media: Oil on canvas, oil on paper, pastels, tusch, all drawing techniques

Comissions: Portraits of people and animals, fantasy, wall painting,  illustrations.

Illustrated book ”Return of the snowman” by Lauri Nerg 2006
ART NOW, online global art annual exhibition curated by Diploma of Excellence
Received Silver award for my home page 2009
Teaches drawing and painting in Vasa, Finland.


Curriculum Vitae
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by Jakobsson Kriventsova
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by Jakobsson Kriventsova
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Little boy
by Jakobsson Kriventsova
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Dame with pearl earring
by Jakobsson Kriventsova
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