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First Name Viktor
Last Name Psarev
Born 1950-04-07
Country Romania
1950 - born in Leninogorsk in Kazahstan
1966-1970 Art school by name of Gogol N.V. in Alma-Ata
1970-1972 Military service
1972 Participated in the republican scale art exhibition and in the many following exhibitions of the Soviet Union scale, Biennale and international scale as well.
1974-1980 Art class under the tutorship of Salahov T. at the art faculty of the Moscow Institute of Arts
1978 First prize of the academician Pavlovich award for a series of artwork exhibited at the international planer at Vyrsheu, Hunguray
1978 “Miners still life” and “The fishers” were noticed by a III degree diploma by the Academy of Art of the USSR
1980 Competition won to enter the “Studio of military art” school by name of Grekov M.B.
1982 Entered the USSR Artists Union
1982 “Winged sons of Motherland” was awarded the first prize by the Central Comsomol Committee
“Military aviators” was noticed by a diploma of the USSR Painters Union
1984 worked on the “Major forcing of the Volga river” diorama for the panoramic view museum “The Stalingrad battle” in Volgograd
1985 Awarded the “Lenins’ Comsomol” prize
1989 Distinguished artist of Russian Federation
1994 Entered the Art Council of the Grekov school
1995 Peoples artist of Russian Federation
1997 A series of artwork “Memories” was noticed by a diplom of the Russian Academy of Arts
1997 Awarded by a medal “850 years of Moscow”
2000 Awarded by an order of Russian Orthodox Church of Reverend Sergej Radonezhskij III degree
2001 Joined Russian Academy of Arts as a Corresponding Member

In different years visited Bulgaria (1978), Italy (1989), Greece (1990), USA (1991)

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