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First Name J R
Last Name Seymour
Country United States

Raised in the Mid-west and schooled in earlier yrs. Now residing in Southern Illinois and married . Have been getting more progressively involved in my own style of art that I call "Drip N' Pour". I have been a fan of Jackson Pollock and have taken his style to a different level by inserting subject into my pieces. I do not as an artist subscribe to the belief or theory that one must be disciplined in one style or medium. Art is the interpretation of a subject, whether it be internal or external, and my belief is that some mediums or styles work better than others. Therefore, if I have the ability to share my interpretations across a spectrum, then I should pursue that concept.

Order my prints through

Dealers and galleries can contact me for rates and prices.
I will be show at the Framations Gallery in St Charles, Mo. Future announcement to come.

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