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First Name Erich
Last Name Paulsen
Country Germany
The distinctive paintings of Erich Paulsen combine a rigorous impasto use of color with picturesque designs that create lively and impassioned paintings. Erich Paulsen was born in a small village near Berlin. He studied in Berlin at the Meisterschule fur Malerei. Further studies followed in Italy, France and Spain where he developed his drawing style and soon mastered his painting techniques.
During extensive travels throughout Europe, Paulsen came to truly appreciate the great views of his homeland. Many of these views are of boats resting gently along the shoreline of small European villages. Paulsen brilliantly captures the sumptuous light in the landscapes and subjects around his home in Lower Saxony. Erich Paulsen portrays in his images a bold majestic sky accompanied by the charm and simplicity of everyday life in rural Germany. He finds both the coast and the old reed-roofed houses of the fishermen fascinating; and at the same time loves the rich colors of the flower markets that are so often found in his part of Germany. His unique impasto palette knife technique and pure colors give his paintings a particular flair and make them stand out from all other works of art. With the palette knife he applies coats of paint, making sure that the colors do not mingle but dry up in thick layers of paint.
Over the years the artist has exhibited extensively in Europe and the United States. A great number of exhibitions in Germany (Hamburg, Munich) and abroad in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Stockholm and Sidney, all resulted in excellent critiques. He enjoys the constant demand for new work and his love for painting is undying. The continued success of his paintings has drawn the attention of many collectors. His work hangs in a prominent public and private collections as well as galleries throughout Germany, Italy, Australia, Spain and the United States.

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